Newtown Community Preschool

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September 2016: We've moved and changed our name!


Over Summer 2016, St. Matthew’s Preschool changed its name to Newtown Community Preschool and moved to Blackboy Road, in a building just opposite Belmont Park.


As part of the move we also started admitting two year olds for the first time.  


We are really enjoying being in our new learning environment. We have a lot more space, including a second room for quiet activities, a kitchen, and a big garden of our own for all the messy fun we love! We’ll also be spending time in Belmont Park, playing and learning!


Despite all these changes, the distinctive character of our Preschool has been maintained which we know is valued by parents and recognised in our most recent Ofsted inspection. 




Although we have been in our new home for a few months we still have lots of projects we need help with including gardening, interior designing and publicity.  Anyone who feels they can join us to help create a fantastic learning environment for the children will be welcomed warmly!


Please get in touch if you'd like any further information or you can help in any way.


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