Newtown Community Preschool

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Our Policies

Making a Complaint Child Ratios Equipment and Resources Admissions Managing Behaviour Fees Looked After Children Missing Child Administering Medicines Food Hygiene Intimate Care Information Sharing Role of Key Person Outings & Visits Provider Records SEN Uncollected Child Safeguarding Diversity and Equality Risk Assessment Employment Sleeping Children Recording and Reporting of Accidents and Incidents Fire Safety Induction of Employees and Volunteers Health & Safety Student Placements Use of Mobile Phones and Cameras Confidentiality & Client Access to Records Children's rights Parental Involvement E-safety Whistleblowing

Child Protection

Suitable People

Staff Qualifications, Training, Support and Skills

Key Person

Staff Ratios


Managing Behaviour

Equal Opportunities

British Values Nappy Changing Food and Drink Code of Conduct


Our policies and procedures aim to inform and guide parents, employees and members of the committee in relation Newtown as a preschool and how it manages its day-to-day operation.


All our policies and procedures have been developed thoroughly and each has been discussed and agreed by the Preschool Committee. Policies are reviewed annually to check they accurately describe our current working practice. Signed and dated hard copies are retained by preschool and can be made available upon request.


The contents of this document are intended to be a first reference point and can be read in its entirety or by individual section as required.


Newtown Community Preschool has a professional and dedicated team of people who are committed to delivering a safe, supportive and fun learning environment for Early Years children. We are passionate and proud to be working with parents and their children in providing this vital service within our local community.  


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Safety and Suitability of Premises, Environment and Equipment

Information and Records