Newtown Community Preschool

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We actively promote learning opportunities to support all areas of learning as outlined in the Early Years Foundations Stage.  These areas are:


Personal Social and Emotional Development – making friends and managing our feelings; within a caring environment, children are supported to develop confidence, self-esteem and an awareness of expected behaviour. They are encouraged to work and concentrate independently and to take part in the life of the group, sharing and co-operating with other children and adults.


Communication and Language – learning to listen, understand and join in.  Children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary and fluency by talking and listening, by hearing and responding to stories, songs and rhymes.


Physical Development – A range of equipment, both indoors and out, allows children to gain confidence and enjoyment in the development of their physical skills, increasing ability and control in moving, climbing and balancing. Children are also supported in the development of the fine motor skills required to use tools, including pens and scissors, and to handle small objects with control and precision.


Mathematics - sorting, matching and counting activities form the basis for early maths. Children learn to identify objects by shape, position, size, volume and number. Songs, games and picture books help children to become aware of number sequences.


Literacy - Through play and adult-led activities children are introduced to the early stages of reading and writing. They have the opportunity to experiment with using tools to make marks. A well-stocked book corner gives every child the opportunity and encouragement to become familiar with and enjoy books.


Understanding the World – finding out about families, homes, and the wider world around us, including nature and the way that different materials behave; sharing festivals from around the world is a good way to find out about other cultures.


Expressive Arts and Design – using a range of materials and experiences to express ourselves, through crafts, music, movement and story-telling.


We believe in the importance of physical development to underpin and promote all other areas of learning.  We already love our trips around Newtown, Exeter and the wider world and want to carry on exploring and being active.