Newtown Community Preschool

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Learning about healthy eating is important to us at Preschool, as part of our focus on physical development. We encourage finding out about a range of nutritious foods through activities and experiences such as cooking and snacktimes. We welcome parents to come in and help us with cooking.  Perhaps you have a simple recipe you would like to share? In the past we have made fruit smoothies, Libyan flat bread, bread rolls and chapattis and, this summer, frozen yogurt ice lollies and Elderflower cordial from flowers collected on our outdoor adventures!  


If your child has a food allergy or cultural dietary requirements please ensure you tell a member of staff when they start pre-school. If we are aware of all your child’s needs we will make sure we have an alternative so that they don’t eat anything which would be unsuitable for them.


Heathly Eating